IT Challenges as We Return to “Normal”

IT challenges for returning to work

As some states decide to restart their economies, IT managers must begin to prepare for the changes. Some changes will be centered on returning to the comfortable and familiar challenges of securing the workplace. But perhaps IT managers can also take advantage of the quarantine disruptions to make advantageous changes to the organization. A Return […]

Addressing Zoom Meeting Vulnerabilities

Zoom Meeting - zoom vulnerabilities

Remote work is hard enough. We’re already stressed about being stuck at home, worrying about the COVID-19 virus, and trying to make sure our pajamas don’t show up on the webcam during a conference call. Now, hackers are making it even harder by increasing their attacks on remote workers. Zoom Bombing Many conference calls and […]

Is Your Company At Risk for A Cyber Attack?

Small business transaction - cyber attack

From non-technical executives to government officials, a question of concern often arises: “Are we at risk for a cyber attack?” The simple answer is, of course, yes. All organizations are at risk for a cyber attack, at all times. However, the real question they are trying to understand is: “How do we understand the risk […]

Breaking Down 2019 Cyber Attacks & Crime Reports

Cyber Attacks - Breaking Down the 2019 Cyber Crime Reports

On Feb. 11, the FBI released the 2019 Internet Crime Report. Based on data compiled by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, the report revealed trends among the 467,361 cyber attack complaints, and accompanying losses of more than $3.5 billion. These numbers reflect a substantial increase in cyber attacks compared to the previous four years of […]

How to Prioritize Your Cybersecurity

How to Prioritize Your Cyber Security Management

New cybersecurity breaches happen all the time. The trick is to identify the critical data and to prioritize the key methods to protect that data before your breach becomes a headline. Wawa’s Public Problem One of this month’s cybersecurity headline victims is the Wawa fuel and convenience store chain. In late December 2019, Wawa Inc. […]

In The News: Cyber-Breached With Blue Bastion

Blue Bastion - Cyber-Breached Expert Roundtable in Pittsburgh

Earlier this month, the Pittsburgh Business Times hosted a cybersecurity round table at its offices. It featured Ideal Integrations CEO, Michael Stratos, who hosted the event, Blue Bastion’s director of cybersecurity services, Corey Bussard, Daniel Coast, CIC, CCIC & Peter J. Horne of Henderson Brothers, Inc., and Dan Desko, CISA, CISSP, MBA of Schneider Downs. Read the full article, TABLE OF EXPERTS: Cyber-Breached, here: Secure Your Business […]


Phishing - Blue Bastion Cyber Security

Attackers can send phishing emails to your computer, smart phone or office phone. They can be emails or texts.  What a phishing email/text may look like:  The message conveys a sense of urgency. The caller may have names of other employees and pretend to know you – be aware of the caller’s requests. There may […]

Strong Passwords & Passphrases

Using strong passwords and passphrases - cybersecurity awareness

Your information is valuable – to you and to perpetrators. Here are some tips on how to create a strong password/passphrase. Examples of Bad Passwords First, let’s review some bad passwords: Password1 123456 Steelers1 (Or any favorite sports team) (Your pet’s name) or (Your Spouse’s name) or (Your Child’s name) (Your birth date or any […]

Cybersecurity Awareness: Creating a Secure Network

Cybersecurity awareness - Building a secure network

It is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! For that reason, we want to help you create a more secure network with defense-in-depth techniques.  Defense-in-depth is an acknowledgement that firewalls, while critical and very effective, cannot stop all attacks. Instead, we need to create layers of defense that slow down and limit the impact of an attack wherever possible.  […]

What is Malware?

Young woman working on phone and laptop - What is Malware?

Malware is any number of malicious software variants, including: Viruses, trojans, and spyware. It is designed to cause extensive harm to data and network systems, to gain unauthorized access to a system, and to obtain data contained on a system. Malware is often downloaded onto a computer or phone when a user clicks on a […]