Four Cybersecurity Tools That Are Changing 2020

woman using laptop - It and cybersecurity tools for 2020

There have been few, if any, years like 2020.

Already, we’ve endured a global pandemic and an economic recession, and we’ve still got half of the year to go. In terms of cybersecurity, the needs and demands of this essential element for any business is all the more important.

With many working from home, the challenges of server access, data sharing, and cloud technology are becoming a mainstay across various industries. Luckily, the IT world is coming up in a big way with new tools to help any business traverse the digital world.

The following four cybersecurity tools, in particular, are changing 2020 in a big way.

Four Noteworthy IT Tools to Survive 2020

For a year unlike any other, and new IT tools that assist in cybersecurity are innovating the way we work.

Here are four noteworthy tools that you should check out as you plan for the second half of the year.

Cloud Systems – They’re Becoming More Flexible

The standardization of cloud computing is making work from home practices easier than ever.

Some companies were working towards a more mobile and flexible cloud system before COVID-19, but now many are working to speed up the process within their organization. Open-source options are helping workers transition seamlessly from home to the office as some return to limited in-house operations.

These flexible cloud tech tools are going to continue playing a factor in the working world well beyond 2020.

IoT in Manufacturing

More and more sectors in manufacturing are taking advantage of IT tools in 2020.

With new guidelines on how things can operate, the IoT tools that help manage and overview day-to-day operations are becoming a must-have. Tablets are now a mainstay on the manufacturing floor for supervisors who can take a look at video feeds, scheduling, and daily goals all in one place.

This is transforming productivity in the manufacturing sector at a crucial time.

WiFi 6 and 5G – They’re Closer Than We Think

Wired connections still sometimes exist in the workplace.

As many people started working from home, the true power of wireless connections really proved how vital they will be to the future. WiFi 6, the newest update to wireless technologies, is already being tested and marketed. Likewise, the new WiFi interface is going to work hand-in-hand with 5G networks that will bring speed and connectivity to businesses in a new and better way.

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While talks of these technologies seem like future plans, the real infrastructure is being built in 2020, placing these two possibly world-changing updates right around the corner.

Artificial Intelligence – It’s For Everyone

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a thing reserved for top computing departments and STEM-related research.

AI is everywhere now, from e-commerce and retail apps to construction sites. AI isn’t just a tool either. The programmed systems help to make decisions about the company using data-driven insights.

A streamlined sense of troubleshooting and limitations are still being developed within the individual organizations using AI.

Bringing It All Together

Cybersecurity and IT tools are everywhere in 2020, and they’re not going away.

Some industries that might not think of themselves as tech-minded are now seeing why these resources matter so much. Trends that changed tech in 2020 are going to make a big impact on 2021 and beyond.

Keep up with the latest in IT and cybersecurity to make sure the latest trends are on your radar.

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