Attackers can send phishing emails to your computer, smart phone or office phone. They can be emails or texts. 


What a phishing email/text may look like: 

  • The message conveys a sense of urgency. 
  • The caller may have names of other employees and pretend to know you – be aware of the caller’s requests. 
  • There may be an attachment that looks legitimate. (Invoice from a known company.) 
  • Asking you to confirm personal information or passwords. 
  • A “CLICK HERE!” to claim your prize. 
  • Watch out for 
  • Bad grammar and misspelled words 
  • Graphics or company logos that are just off a bit 


Here are some short and sweet ways to stay safe: 

  • Set your computer and smart phones to update automatically – DON’T put off security updates and patches! 
  • Use multi-factor authentication whenever possible. 
  • Regularly back-up your data. 
  • Don’t open unexpected attachments – call the sender to confirm if you are suspicious or did request the attachment. 
  • NEVER provide personal information or passwords to callers or emails. 
  • Check the senders email address – make sure it is the correct address (watch out for minor differences!) 


What to do if you think you have been phished: 

  • Contact your IT Team. 
  • Change passwords if you have been compromised.



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