Incident Response

with Blue Bastion™

Microsoft Exchange

As an Ideal Cloud or Blue Bastion Managed Detection and Response customer, you receive a discounted rate for IR services.

Incident Response Stages:

Blue Bastion™ has a dedicated team to help you investigate and thoroughly recover from security incidents.  Blue Bastion follows a methodology that closely follows the NIST and SANS guidelines. The stages of the methodology consist of the following:

  • Preparation: develop and test incident response policies and procedures.
  • Detection and Identification: determine the type and severity of the incident and then choose the appropriate response.
  • Containment: limit the breadth and width of the incident.
  • Remediation: utilize people, processes, and tool sets to systematically remove malware from the environment.
  • Recovery: return to normal business operations.
  • Reporting: create a report that details how the incident happened, lessons learned, and controls that can be implemented to stop or limit similar events in the future.

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