Strong Passwords & Passphrases

Using strong passwords and passphrases - cybersecurity awareness

Your information is valuable – to you and to perpetrators.

Here are some tips on how to create a strong password/passphrase.

Examples of Bad Passwords

First, let’s review some bad passwords:

  • Password1
  • 123456
  • Steelers1 (Or any favorite sports team)
  • (Your pet’s name) or (Your Spouse’s name) or (Your Child’s name)
  • (Your birth date or any family member’s birthdate)

Best Practices for Strong Passwords & Passphrases

Some recommended best practices for strong passwords are:

  • Use a minimum of 15 alphanumeric characters (Upper and Lower case)
  • Use special characters if permitted.
    • An example of a strong password is: Osc@rth3Gr0uch!
    •  Oscar starts with a capital O o Lower case “o” can be replaced by zero o “e” can be replaced by 3 o “a” can be replaced by @

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