What Is a Red Team, and How can It Help Your Business?

Red Teaming

You may have heard the term “Red Team” used regarding the security of IT environments. But, what is a red team, exactly?

Basically, a red team is a group of skilled professionals, typically hired from an outside source, who simulate an attack on your systems, but without causing damage. Once completed, they show you their findings, and offer recommendations.

Engaging a red team is instrumental in strengthening your company’s cybersecurity defenses. Why?

Essentially, a red team takes on the persona of hackers and cybercriminals. These attackers are constantly on the lookout for new weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

With these problems discovered, attackers then use them for planting ransomware, stealing sensitive data, or otherwise causing havoc in your computing environment.

If you already have security in place, what is a red team used for?

So, what is a red team for if you already have cybersecurity procedures in place?

Well, here’s the thing: the moment you become complacent or comfortable in your security is the moment problems begin to happen.

Companies who believe they maintain sufficient defenses against cyberattacks may actually overestimate their capabilities. Unfortunately, unnoticed security gaps can exist or go unaddressed for far too long.

While your organization may hold confidence it maintains stellar security, cybercriminals constantly probe for weaknesses.

Because it only takes one mistake to lead to disaster, it’s in your best interest to find vulnerabilities before they do.

It might make the difference between normal business operations and dealing with the aftermath of a ransomware attack.

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How does a red team improve your defenses?

A red team looks at your existing environment through the eyes of an attacker, employing many of the same strategies and tactics.

Trained and experienced security professionals comprise a red team, and perform various cyberattack scenarios. Their goal is simple: to identify weak links in the hardware, software, and people who protect your company’s IT systems and its valuable data.

In addition to looking for vulnerabilities which external hackers can exploit, a red team can also help your identify security gaps which can be used by malicious insiders.

Importantly, the members of a red team bring fresh eyes, and can spot issues your security personnel may have missed.

More than a penetration test

Red teaming goes beyond penetration testing, fully assessing your organization’s cybersecurity, and recommending preventative measures.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the differences between a penetration test and read teaming.

  • The time frame for the completion of a red team assessment is typically longer than for pen testing.
  • Employees are often intentionally left unaware that a red team assessment is underway.
  • Testers have more flexibility in how they devise and execute vulnerability tests.
  • A red team will usually test multiple systems simultaneously.
  • A red team assessment strives to identify new vulnerabilities, rather than testing defenses against known threats.
  • Assessments can also include evaluating the people managing security for the tested systems.

A red team chooses target systems and gauges its success by its ability to subvert security and gain access. If it succeeds, a vulnerability exists that you’ll need to address – before a real cyberattack strikes.

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Let Blue Bastion's Red Team test your defenses

So, where do you start? Who should you hire?

After all, red teaming isn’t something your company can perform on their own.

Fortunately, you don’t need to. Blue Bastion, with the support of our networking division Ideal Integrations, can help.

Engaging Blue Bastion’s red team will identify the gaps in your cybersecurity that put your business at risk.

And, we perform both internal and external vulnerability assessments, along with pen testing. We can even address your company’s social media presence, as these platforms frequently become targets of criminals trying to gain access to your environment.

Additionally, we’ll conduct breach simulation, to focus attention on how your company can avoid exposing your valuable data to hackers.

Simply contact us today, at 412-349-6680, or fill out the form below,  and let our experienced red team assess and improve your cybersecurity. It’s a great way to protect your business from the ever-increasing plague of cybercrime.

And, as always, stay vigilant!

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