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About Us

Blue Bastion, a division of Ideal Integrations, is a managed security services provider specializing in defensive and offensive cybersecurity operations. Both the offensive and defensive teams at Blue Bastion consistently work together to help each other’s skillset. With access to our Security Operations Center’s toolset, including but not limited to Carbon Black and CrowdStrike, the Offensive Security team members test their skills and toolset against tools and techniques deployed by advanced blue teams. The defensive teams utilize their access to the red team to better train their tools and learn new techniques used by offensive operators.

Partnerships First

Blue Bastion’s Offensive Security Services team includes highly technical and experienced consultants whose goal is to make their own job (as hackers) more difficult.

We’ll work with you to figure out what you actually need- then provide the expertise needed to make it happen. We aim to be your partner, not your critic; your growth is our top priority.

Total Transparency

We’ll show you how and why we do what we do, and be part of the assessment from start to finish.

Blue Bastion’s penetration testing reports consider the effective risk and real-world impact to provide the client with a true picture of current security landscape. We make a significant effort to only provide validated and exploited findings in our reports. The findings are preceded by a discussion on any positive measures, including compensating controls, identified in the client’s environment.

Proven Expertise

We come from a diverse range of disciplines and have worked with organizations big and small. Outside of work, you’ll often see our team members at conferences and events whether it’s as speakers, teachers, or attendees.

Both the offensive and defensive teams at Blue Bastion consistently work together to help each other’s skillset.

Giving back to Community

Blue Bastion gives back to the community by donating time, financial resources, and skillsets. This includes the following:

We provide financial sponsorships to Open-Source developers to help drive innovation in both offensive and defensive security realms.

Our Offensive Security team members have presented at numerous security conferences including but not limited to Blackhat US and EU, DEFCON, and many smaller BSides conferences.

Our team members are lifelong learners. We have taught classes on topics related to offensive security at Blackhat, BSides, and in college classrooms.

Programmatic Approach

Tailored cybersecurity solutions built for you and your mission.

Regardless of where your cybersecurity program is at, we’ll work with you to understand your business and what makes it tick. We’ll integrate into your cybersecurity program as trusted advisors, working with you to provide the solutions and expertise you need, exactly when you need it.

Instead of doing everything at once, we’ll help you prioritize and address your cybersecurity challenges in a way that provides the most impact as soon as possible.


  • Luke McOmie
    Luke McOmie
    Vice President of Offensive Security
  • Corey Bussard
    Corey Bussard
    Vice President of Security Services


Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
Certified Red Team Operator (CRTO)
CompTIA Security+
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Covert Methods of Entry by Red Team Alliance
NSA Information Assessment Methodologies (NSA-IAM)
NSA Information Evaluation Methodologies (NSA-IEM)
Certified Red Team Professional (CRTP)
GIAC Certified Reverse Engineer: Malware (GREM)

Our Partners

Blue Bastion Partner Carbon Black
Blue Bastion Partner Cohesity
Blue Bastion Partner CrowdStrike
Blue Bastion Partner Dell EMC
Blue Bastion Partner Extreme Networks
Blue Bastion Partner F5
Blue Bastion Partner Fortinet
Blue Bastion Partner Gray Log
Blue Bastion Partner Gray Noise
Blue Bastion Partner Guardicore
Blue Bastion Partner Help Systems
Blue Bastion Partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Blue Bastion Partner IGEL Technology
Blue Bastion Partner LCN Services
Blue Bastion Partner Liquidware
Blue Bastion Partner Megaport
Blue Bastion Partner Nessus
Blue Bastion Partner Nimble Storage
Blue Bastion Partner Nutanix
Blue Bastion Partner Offensive Security
Blue Bastion Partner OPSWAT
Blue Bastion Partner Palo Alto Networks
Blue Bastion Partner Pentera
Blue Bastion Partner Pentester Academy
Blue Bastion Partner PlexTrac
Blue Bastion Partner PureStoarage
Blue Bastion Partner Recorded Future
Blue Bastion Partner Sophos
Blue Bastion Partner Swimlane
Blue Bastion Partner Veeam
Blue Bastion Partner WM Ware
Blue Bastion Partner Zerto
Blue Bastion Partner Microoft
Blue Bastion Partner Mitel


Ideal Integrations Award CRN Fast Groth 150 2021
Blue Bastion Award Pittsburgh Post Gazette Best Places To Work
Ideal Integrations Award CRN Tech Elite 250
Ideal Integrations Award Inc. 5000
Blue Bastion Award Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Top Work Places


We have been involved in cybersecurity community and conferences for decades. This includes volunteering, presenting cutting edge research, and teaching workshops on the topics related to offensive and defensive sides of the field.

Blue Bastion Conference Black Hat
Blue Bastion Conference B Sides Atlanta
Blue Bastion Conference B Sides Kansas City
Blue Bastion Conference B Sides Orlando
Blue Bastion Conference B Sides Salt Lake City
Blue Bastion Conference Defcon
Blue Bastion Conference Hack Red Con
Blue Bastion Conference Nola Con
Blue Bastion Conference RSS 2022
Blue Bastion Conference Texas Cyber Summit


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Luke McOmie
Vice President of Offensive Security
Luke McOmie

Luke has been working in offensive security since 1994 and is a leading expert in the field. By leveraging his talents and extensive experience in security leadership and program development, security service practice and team direction, red teaming, ethical hacking, penetration testing, social engineering, physical security, assessments, incident response, and compliance, Luke guides companies and executive leaders to understand the importance of, communicating the need for, and addressing the challenges that it takes to create and maintain a strong security posture. He has founded and contributed to several top industry organizations throughout his career, including startups, Fortune 100 enterprises, and federal agencies. Luke is an extrovert who passionately supports the information security community; he is a featured speaker at various conferences, a published author, and an industry liaison for many businesses and organizations. Connect with Luke on LinkedIn.

Corey Bussard
Vice President of Security Services
Corey Bussard

Corey Bussard is passionate about cybersecurity and has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He has held many different roles on both the red, blue, and purple teams. Corey was instrumental in starting Ideal Integration’s subsidiary, Blue Bastion, and progressively took on leadership positions with Ideal Integrations, becoming Manager of the Network Operations Center in 2015, Manager of the Security Operations Center in 2017, Director of Cybersecurity Services in 2019, and Vice President of Security Services in 2021. Corey prides himself on keeping up to date with all facets of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, endeavoring to contribute to the industry as a whole by sharing his expertise with the community. Connect with Corey on LinkedIn.