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Report an Incident

Have you had a data breach, or are you actively compromised?

Please see below for information surrounding our services:

  • Are you actively compromised? Call us at (412) 349-6678.
  • Are you unsure if you have been compromised? Would you like our team to perform a breach assessment on your environment to find out if you have been compromised? Call us at (412) 349-6678.

What is the difference between a breach assessment, and an incident response?

  • Breach assessment is when you are unsure if you have been compromised, or a vendor/sister/etc. company has been compromised and you want to know if you were affected.
  • Incident Response is, you are aware of a, or multiple active compromises inside of your environment, and you need assistance with the next best steps.

Quick tips for higher incident response success:

  • Leave all machines on. Do not power the machines off. This allows us to perform memory analysis on the infected machines to gain deeper insight into the malware.
  • You may unplug them from the network physically.
  • Call us immediately at (412) 349-6678 to get the process started.

Some questions for Incident Response that you will want to be prepared to answer:

  • How many machines are in your organization (both servers and workstations)?
  • Do you have any network documentation? If so is it accessible?
  • Do you have any backups?
  • Are you a physical shop, or virtual?
  • Have you had a recent incident that we should be made aware of?
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