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Keep Your Business Safe & Secure with Blue Bastion™

Advanced Adversary Emulation

Improve Your Detection & Response

Test your detection & response capabilities in a collaborative purple team manner.

Perform a stealth red team assessment to test your people and processes.

Authentically replicate what an advanced attacker would do – without taking down your networks in the process.

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Offensive Security Services

Stay Ahead of Cyber Criminals

Test as frequently as you need, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Keep up with the latest hacking techniques.

Ensure your risk validation tools evolve as fast as the hackers’.

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Incident Response

We're Here to Rescue You

Security incidents require calculated action.

A dedicated incident response team to help you investigate and thoroughly recover from security incidents.

Our proven methodology follows both NIST & SANS guidelines.

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Managed Detection & Response

Your Line of Defense

Need 24/7/365 security monitoring for applications and data?

With Blue Bastion’s unified security management platform, you’ll be safe & secure, and we’ll always be available to help!

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vCSO & Advisory Services

Tailored solutions

Prioritize and address your cybersecurity challenges.

We’ll integrate into your cybersecurity program as trusted advisors to assist with risk management and security program development.

Understand your risk profile.

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Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Vulnerability Management Tailored to You

Let Blue Bastion manage your vulnerability lifecycle.

Enrich your vulnerability scan data with threat intelligence.

Focus on what is being exploited by real-world threat actors.

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