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vCSO and Advisory Services

Blue Bastion Service vCSO and Advisory Services

Keep Your Business Safe & Secure with Blue Bastion™

Key Benefits

Tailored cybersecurity solutions built for you and your mission.

Programmatic Approach

Regardless of where your cybersecurity program is at, we’ll work with you to understand your business and what makes it tick. We’ll integrate into your cybersecurity program as trusted advisors, working with you to provide the solutions and expertise you need, exactly when you need it.

Instead of doing everything at once, we’ll help you prioritize and address your cybersecurity challenges in a way that provides the most impact as soon as possible.

Blue Bastion’s advisors will assist you with risk management and security activities, with the purpose of continuously improving your security posture through risk reduction. Do you have a new threat to discuss or need help with building your security management program? Blue Bastion can help.

Our vCISO and advisory services begin by first understanding your business, culture, IT landscape, and security capabilities. This provides the vCISO advisor with real-world knowledge of your threat landscape.

Our vCISOs work closely with clients to ensure the implementation of security policies, best practices, employee security awareness training, vulnerability and threat management, and other appropriate needs. This includes contributions via board, staff, and operational planning meetings, as well as executive sessions. Blue Bastion’s vCISOs can help with incident response planning and handling, and other security related activities.

Security Awareness Training

Learn from the teams performing real-world attack-and-defense scenarios most relevant to your organization. Blue Bastion’s team members have provided training at security conferences, such as Black Hat and BSides; they have also taught at Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) bootcamps and in university classrooms.

Our security awareness service develops training solutions tailored to your organization, based on your specific risk profile and culture. The training will include real-time hacking demonstrations, audience interaction, and a Q&A session immediately following the presentation.

Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Blue Bastion’s blended adversary emulation teams work with your business, IT, and security teams to better understand your risk profile and security capabilities. This information is utilized to create tabletop incident response scenarios tailored to your organization. Blue Bastion’s teams make the tabletops a learning experience, not a scare tactic.

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