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Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Blue Bastion Service Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Keep Your Business Safe & Secure with Blue Bastion™

Blue Bastion’s blended threat emulation team utilizes open source and commercials tools to manage the lifecycle of your vulnerabilities and remediations. Our consultants scan for and validate vulnerabilities, enrich your awareness with real world threat intelligence, and report on remediation progress so you can focus your efforts on the business. Our threat intelligence enriched service helps you prioritize the things that matter most.

Blue Bastion Vulnerability Lifecycle Management Graph

Vulnerability Scanning

Blue Bastion will leverage Nessus Pro and other commercial and open-source tools to conduct automated and manual vulnerability scanning against the target environment. This will help identify any industry known vulnerabilities or weaknesses. The collected information will be used to enrich the threat model and assist in target selection and prioritization. Access to raw Nessus results will be provided to assist with remediation and assessing the company’s continued security posture.

Vulnerability Assessment

After vulnerability scanning, Blue Bastion will perform manual verification of high and critical issues of real-world impact to mitigate false positives and to show impact. Access to raw Nessus results will be provided to assist with remediation and assessing the company’s continued security posture.

Continuous Security Controls Validation

Blue Bastion’s Continuous Security Validation scan leverages both manual and automated to go beyond exploitation of vulnerabilities. A human lead and monitored scan will exploit identified vulnerabilities and attempt to execute code on exploited systems. The results of this scan speak directly to impact and help prioritize security program enhancements. A Blue Bastion consultant will collaborate with the client to execute and report on tailored scans that grow with the security controls.

Vulnerability Management Maturity Advisory

Blue Bastion will provide guidance for developing or improving the organization’s vulnerability management program. This may include reviewing scan results provided by the client and offering prioritized remediation recommendations. Consult on vulnerability scanning best practices, and guidance for tracking and management of identified vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management

Let Blue Bastion’s blended threat emulation teams manage your vulnerability lifecycle. Whether Blue Bastion performs your vulnerability scanning or you integrate existing scanning results with us, Blue Bastion’s experts can provide prioritization support, guidance, and remediation tracking. Our Vulnerability Threat Intelligence service enriches your vulnerability scan data so you can focus on what is being exploited by real-world threat actors.

Vulnerability Remediation Assistance

Blue Bastion is a division of Ideal Integrations and brings both the builders and breakers to the table. Our systems and network engineers can assist with remediation activities in both advisory and hands-on-keyboard capacities.

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